Booking District Equipment

Collect from Anlaby Scouts HQ

Want to Book Equipment?

We have a selection of equipment that we hold at Anlaby Scouts. These are available for all groups to hire simply fill out the form below and collect from St Marks Church in Anlaby on one of the groups meeting nights.

Our Equipment
Archery Equipment

We have 2 bosses, a backdrop net and perimeter fence to set up your archery area. We have plenty of arrows and armguards alongside 5x 54″ bows and 4x 66″ bows.

Circus Skills

Full of bean bags, spinning plates, diablos, juggling scarfs, balls and sticks, stilts, uni cycle and more… Our two circus skills boxes are full of fun things to learn and master.

Giant Ball

Whether its a giant game of football, or you want to recreate Indiana Jones – this giant ball is perfect for plenty of outdoor activities.

Giant Kerplunk

Who remembers the board game? Well this is giant size! It’s simple to assemble… just stand the mesh up, poke the sticks through, poor the balls on top, and you know the rest!

Hi Vis Vests

Wanting to be seen at night? We have 10x green, 9x purple and 3x yellow adult sized hi vis vests that are perfect for making you stand out.

Hula Hoops

Everyone knows what hula hoops are, and we have 11 of them for groups and sections to use.

Pull Up Banners

Suitable for any kind of recruitment event, we have a banner for every section (Squirrels coming soon) as well as 2x banners for generic district info.

Resusci Anne

We have the full family. Perfect for teaching first aid, the Resusci Anne and Resusci Family (adult, child & baby) provide the opportunity for young people and adults to practice CPR.


Who needs to practice their balance? Our slackline site about a metre from the ground and a perfect accompaniment to the circus skills set.

Uni Hoc

Suitable for all ages, we have two Uni Hoc sets (1x Large & 1x Small) so your young people can have a go at hockey.

Book Online

We know accidents happen, so if you do damage any of the equipment then please let us know so it can be repaired ready for the next user.

Our archery bosses have recently been damaged, so if you are using them please ensure you carry them by the wood and not the binding and take care when placing them on the ground to prevent them from shattering.

Tips for Booking on OSM

Our equipment is only available for Blacktoft Beacon Scouts, so please select this when looking at availability for organisation type.

The equipment is set up so you can only collect on days that Anlaby Scouts meet, you will therefore need to start date is a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday. Please also ensure that your end date is a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday too.

Where do I collect?

We store our equipment at Anlaby Scouts’ HQ. You can find them at:

St Marks Church
Hull Road
Anlaby Common

When can I collect?

We ask that you collect the equipment during the meeting times of Anlaby Scouts sections which are:

Monday 7pm-9pm

Tuesday 6.30pm-8pm

Thursday 6pm-7.15pm

Risk Assessments

Please find below copies of our Risk Assessments, which you are welcome to download.

However please be aware that whilst we review these regularly, you should use these as a guide and carry out your own Risk Assessment prior to undertaking any activity.


Big Ball

Circus Skills

Slack Line

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