Tablers Wood

Camping in Snaith for Scouts and more...

Tablers’ Wood Campsite is 6.25 acres in size and comprises of two fields.

The larger of the two fields is flat and ideal for camping and team activities and games. The second field – Langley Meadow – has two camping areas and a large hard standing Car Park.

There are also lightly wooded areas between the two fields. The site is ideal for wide games and as a base for hiking with plenty of local footpaths. The site is suitable for Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer, Network, Guide, Brownie camps and family camps.

Our facilities

Main Building

This building is 10ft x 30ft and is equipped with tables and chairs. Perfect for smaller groups to do activities in or hold a meeting.


The kitchen is a self-contained building equipped with a gas cooker, fridge, freezer, hot and cold water. Users need to provide their own cooking utensils.

Toilet Block

This includes shower and washing facilities with separate areas for males, females and leaders; with a disabled person cubicle.

Campfire Circle

A secluded well laid out area surrounded by trees and shrubs, laid out with wooden benches to cater for a large Group.

The Chapel

Situated in the North East corner of the site is consecrated and suitable for quiet contemplation or hearty services of worship.

Wood Pile and Cutting Area

Situated on the south side of Campfire Circle we maintain a supply of wood for use in the alter fires available on site for those wanting to cook on open fires.

Site Services

The site has mains electricity, hot and cold water – caravans can be accommodated without problems.

Book now

To view availability, ensure you select either ‘Blacktoft Beacon Scouts’ or ‘Other Users’ on the ‘View Availability for Organisation Type’.


Blacktoft Beacon usage

Camping: £3 per person per night

Kitchen & building: £25 per night

Electricity: 45p per unit

Other usage

Camping: £3.50 per person per night

Kitchen & building: £25 per night

Electricity: 45p per unit

Large events

For large events such as rallies, district camps, schools and weddings, please contact our bookings secretary for custom pricing.

Risk Assessments

Please find below copies of our Risk Assessments, which you are welcome to download.

However please be aware that whilst we review these regularly, you should use these as a guide and carry out your own Risk Assessment prior to undertaking any activity.

Camp Fires RA

Camping RA

Cooking on Open Fires RA

General Use RA

Pioneering RA

Use of Toilets RA

Working Days RA

Blacktoft Beacon Scout District is, through the Trustee Team and all levels of management, committed to ensure, so far as is reasonably practical, that risk assessments are undertaken for all activities at Tablers Wood.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these risk assessments, it should be noted that:

• These risk assessments were undertaken on the date shown on each record.

• These risk assessments provide a ‘snap-shot’ view of the situation at the date given.

• Blacktoft Beacon District Scouts encourage all users to conduct their own risk assessments prior to use of the site facilities to ensure that no further hazards or risks are evident at that time.

• Users are encouraged to inform the District Team of any anomalies found with any risk assessments. This policy will be monitored to ensure it is effective and will be regularly reviewed and revised as necessary.

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