Roll of Honour 2022

As part of our St George’s Day celebrations this year, we continued to celebrate the hard work and commitment our volunteers put into delivering Scouting across the district. We had more than 30 well deserved awards to hand out this year, and below is our roll of honour which lists each recipient.

Pam Bell

June Godfrey

John Jobling

Barbara Simpson

Pete Colley

Andy Daddy

Chris Fenton

Colin Fitch

Joy Milestone

Allan Moore

Kate Moverley

Emma Taylor

Chris Whitely

Graham Annan

John Atkin

Jayne Bell

Paul Daniel

Phil Thornton

Fiona Baxter

Neil Begbie

Thomas Catchpole

Kirsty Coates

Rob Coates

Phil Darwin

Lara Driscoll-Breen

Paul Hambleton

Shelagh Jorden

Phil Mitchell

Michelle Nobbs

Phillip Walker

Charlotte Winter

Hannah Jordan

Josh Morablanco

Lynne Purdon

Conor Smith

Rachel Wrightson

Congratulations to all of our award winners this year!