We are holding the above event on Sunday 24th April 2022. Arrival will be from 9.30am with a start time of 10.20am. The St George’s Day service will draw the event to a close and departure will be from 3.30pm. This year will see Blacktoft Beacon and Beverley & Hornsea Districts join together for the day. 


Beverley Race Course, York Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 8QZ. 


The Owners and Trainers car park is to be used for parking and dropping off with car park marshals available to assist. Please encourage parents/carers to car share where possible and to quickly drop their young people off so they can return to their cars promptly. 

Attendance Lists

Please have one Leader designated to coordinate your Group during the day. We require a list with the names of all young people and leaders attending from your Group as soon as possible on the day. On this list there should also be a contact number for your designated Leader. We will use these details in situations such as a lost young person or a first aid incident. 

Please hand 2 copies of your attendance list with the fees to the operation centre as you come onto site. The operation centre will be located inside the Rapid Lad Bar and will be clearly marked. We would prefer that attendance lists are handed in before all your young people arrive, and your Group Leader comes to let us know of anyone that has not turned up, rather than bringing it to us once the activities has started. The order of the parade will be the order that Groups book in, so don’t be last! 


The cost for the day is £6 per Young Person and there is no charge for adults. 

Group Area

Each Scout Group will be allocated a base for the day. Please look out for a member of the District Organising Team, in a high-vis vest, who will direct you to your area upon arrival. 

It is the responsibility of each group to provide some shelter in this area (dining shelter, mess tent or small marquee). 

The site will be available from 8am on the Sunday morning if you wish to erect this in advance of the arrival of your young people. Groups are requested to arrive and assemble in their own areas and eat their packed lunches as a Scout Group in their area. It may also be helpful for your young people if you place some visible sign over your area so they can find their way back to it and parents/carers can find you too! 

To keep the cost of the day down for our young people we have asked the Race Course not to open any of their refreshment areas so you may want to provide drinks in your area too. Refreshments for adults will be available inside the Rapid Lad Bar. 

Outline Programme for the day

9:30am – 10:15am Young People arrive and assemble in your Group areas. 
10:20am Opening ceremony 
10:30am – 1:30pm Activity bases 
Packed lunches to be eaten in Group areas during the activities  and at a time that is best for your Group. 
1:30pm – 2:00pm Groups to change into uniform and assemble in their Group areas. 
2:00pm Parade around the activity area, across the racecourse and then into the Grandstand for the St George’s Day service. There will be a parade master who will give clear instructions on the day of where Groups should line up.  Parents/carers and families are welcome to come back from 1:45pm to watch the parade, but there will be no seating for them during the service. 
2:30pm There will be a short service to renew our promises and recognise achievements of the year, accompanied by Beverley Brass Band. 
3:30pm The parade will reform and return to the Group areas for dismissal and home. 


The purpose of these is to give the young people the opportunity to mix, get to know each other and have some fun! The young people will be free to wander around the site and join in with any activity on a drop-in basis. 

As in previous years, we have brought in a lot of external activity providers to give Leaders a chance to enjoy the day too. If you are running/manning an activity base it is advisable to operate a rota or something similar so everyone can get out and see the young people having a great time. 

You will see on the site map (to be released) the location of all the activities. Please make this available for your Leaders and young people to see. 

First Aid

There will be a First Aid post on site but it is expected that all Groups will bring first aid kits for their Group base and deal with very minor incidents immediately. 


Please bring your Group Colours, which will be required for the St George’s Day parade and service. Parents/carers and families are also welcome to return from 1:45pm to watch the Parade at 2:00pm. However, there will not be enough seats in the grandstand for them to sit down for the service, but they are welcome to stand at the side to watch. After the dismissal of the parade, all Young People must return back to their Group Areas where parents/carers can collect them from Leaders. 

Personal equipment

Everyone will require activity dress, Scout uniform for the parade, suitable footwear, waterproof coat, warm jumper, drinks bottle and a packed lunch. It can be very cold up on the Racecourse due to the wind, so please ensure your young people wrap up warm and are prepared for all types of weather. 


These will be clearly marked with separate arrangements for young people and adults. 


It is the responsibility of all Groups to leave their area as they found it, taking your rubbish home with you please. 

Booking your places

To allow us to budget, plan and ensure we have enough resources on the day (such as pancake batter!) we need to know if your Group will be attending. Please complete the online form by 27th March 2022 to give us approximate numbers attending from your Group. To avoid duplication of data, please designate one person from your Group to complete the form for all Sections. 


We look forward to seeing you there!